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​First of all, I would like to ask you about your thoughts.


IE-L.IFE CREATEThen, instead of giving advice, listen to the client and then"consulting"I will

Buy a home, choose an investment property, build a building. precious homeWhen deciding on, even though the shape is differentbig and smallSince it requires a large amount of assets, there will be doubts and anxieties.

ThenWhat is the difference between advice and consulting?

Some books say that advice is "advice." It's all about advising clients on what they want. So what is consulting? There is a task to help the development by presenting solutions to the issues that the client has.

In general, the client himself/herself, to a greater or lesser degree, is uncertain about the best way to achieve the goal, even if he/she knows the goal. In order to achieve the client's goals, we analyze obstacles from various angles from the early stages, clarify the problems that cause them, and propose solutions to the client. Clients will be able to choose the best scenario and gain peace of mind. We believe that this is where advice comes to life. That is the difference between "our idea of consulting and advice".

As a sales (AM), rental, management (PM) client and agent (agent), you can use our company freely. You can choose how you engage. each client in its own wayShape your thoughtsto be able to +α​ ofL.IFE CREATEI will

Keikyu Main Line

"Keikyu Kamata Station" walk  5 minutesnearest station

"Zoshiki Station" 12 minutes on foot

Keikyu Airport Line

"Kojiya Station" 10 minutes on foot

JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, Tokyu Ikegami Line, Tokyu Tamagawa Line

"Kamata Station" 12 minutes on foot

2-15-19 Minamikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-3734-8811

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Inheritance/business succession
Auction agent service/Voluntary sale
  Insurance / INSURANCE

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