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Get "peace of mind". Inheritance measures

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Inheritance/business succession

+α​ problem solving

A team of inheritance specialists who can organize your family environment and asset status and give shape to your thoughts


According to a survey by the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, about 50% of household assets per household are said to be residential land assets. In addition to registration, various problems such as inheritance disputes and inheritance tax can occur in inheritance, which accounts for half of the assets. Real estate agents, tax accountants, lawyers, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, real estate appraisers, insurance agents, etc. , Each of them has their own professions and fields of expertise, and it is the current situation that there are many things that do not know where and how to proceed.

Inheritance and business successionIE-L.IFE CRETELet's talk about various issues related to inheritance, including legal support.+1We will be happy to help you. If you say, "I don't know," or "I'm fine," and leave it as it is, there is a possibility that trouble will occur later. If you don't understand something, be sure to consult an expert.

IE-L.IFE CRETEcan introduce you to lawyers, tax accountants, etc. who are good at inheritance, so you can work together to deal with inheritance and business succession issues.


+α​ Inheritance measures How to use


Advance reservation is required.

・ Telephone

・ Mail 


​*We will confirm the consultation date and time within a week.

*We will give you a brief hearing about the content of your consultation and guide you on what to bring on the day.



+α​Inheritance measures Usage fee


First time: 90 minutes /  0Yen: Free consultation only for the first time

​ *Please feel free to contact us as we will not charge you even if it exceeds.

* In addition, after hearing specific requests, etc., depending on the content of the business requestWe will guide you.

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