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real estate valueto improve

What is the percentage of real estate assets in households in Japan as a whole?

According to the National Survey of Household Assets announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, about 70% of household assets are real estate assets.vinegar. If you change your perspective, 70% of your assets are real estate.

In addition, real estate is a specific item that cannot be replaced and is expensive as an asset, so if you make a mistake, it may be irreversible. Conversely, by making good use of it, it is also possible to create financial assets with real estate assets.


Until around 2000, Japan did not have a theoretical system for leading real estate management to success. In the United States, on the other hand, after the financial crisis of 1929, the United States set up a strict code of ethics and business standards for real estate assets.IREM(American Association of Real Estate Managers: Chicago, Illinois) was established,CPMsuses logic to increase property profitability and maximize cash flowI am managing. We now have over 100 branches around the world. AlsoIREMThe Japanese branch of the company was certified by the US headquarters in 2005 and is developing as an association to train real estate management professionals.

At our company, we have mastered an advanced educational program backed by theory and data.CPM・CCIMQualified Persons of Real Estate Assets “Maximize revenueIn order to achieve this, we will consult according to the owner's life plan. Also in Ota WardCPMsCCIMOur company is qualified for bothIE-L.IFE CREATEWe are proud to be a pioneer in this field.

CPMs(Certified Property Manager)

U.S. Certified Real Estate Business Manager

CPMs, in 1938, after the United States was hit by the Great Depression. It was founded during a period of depression following the Great Depression. At that time, rental management in various parts of the United States was diverse, and the degree of management and customs were not uniform. Under such circumstances, with the aim of unifying ethical rules and customsCPMswas established.IREMWe believe that this qualification should not be given to managers, but to agents who actually carry out the work.

PM(property management) highest qualification,CPMsIn order to acquire aCPMsAfter passing the exam, create a portfolio (real estate management plan) for 2 days, which is the final exam, and passCPMsYou will be able to apply for the qualification of After that, it is possible to acquire the qualification for the first time not only by examining the applicant's work history up to the present but also by having multiple recommendations.CPMsIt can be said that it is a truly professional qualification in rental management.

CCIM(Certified Commercial Investment Member)

US Certified Real Estate Investment Advisor

CCIMis on the leftCPMsIt can also be called the brotherhood ofCPMsteeth,PM(property management), which is the highest qualificationCCIMteeth,AMIt can be said that it is the highest qualification in (asset management). usaCCIM InstituteCertified by (American Association of Real Estate Investment Advisers). An advanced educational program on real estate investment.

CCIMOnly those who have passed a total of four curriculum analysis methods, "financial analysis of multiple properties, market analysis, user decision analysis, investment analysis" and a final exam that integrates them will be given.AM(Asset management) This is the highest qualification. In addition, it is essential that the portfolio is approved for the acquisition review. As a requirement for approval, when applying, such as having a track record of 20 or more commercial real estate transactions within the past 5 years, or a total of 5 million dollars or more in the past 10 transactions, etc. The requirements are strict. this is,CCIMIt is also an authoritative title in the United States, which is an advanced real estate country.


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have members all over the worldCPM・CCIM
Realizing standardization of high-level operations in real estate management

CPMsWhat is the role of

What is "property management"?

To give an easy-to-understand analogy, it can be said to be “a management agency for profitable properties”. We will take care of real estate entrusted to us by the management (PM) to maximize the return on the entrusted real estate. In addition, to maintain or grow entrusted real estate. That is what we think of as "property management (PM)”.

The rental management business that has been developed in Japan so far, and the property manager (PM), there is a big difference. The so-called management company recruits tenants, contracts, collects rent, remits money to the owner, handles complaints, and cleans and inspects the property.

However, "property management (PM)” is clearly different. Owners have no worries about rental management, such as a drop in contracted rent or a prolonged vacancy period. How will tenants be decided? Is there any way to lower the rent? Is it possible that the vacancies will increase in the future due to being buried in the surrounding properties or becoming obsolete? Owners have a wide variety of worries. We are the property manager on behalf of the owner (PM), collect information about the property and its surroundings, identify problems with the property, identify countermeasures and points for improvement, propose them to the owner, and report to the property manager (PM) will be executed as Also, in that case, it must be something that can be profitable for the owner. The ability to “propose improvement plans” is simply rental management and “management (strategic) management” property management (strategic management)PM) is the difference. It is not possible to say “sound business (strategic) management” just by managing rental properties as before. Currently, in the United States, a developed country for real estate, the value of a property changes depending on the skill of the property manager. It has even been said that what a wealthy person needs is a good lawyer, a tax accountant, and our property manager. weIE-L.IFEwants to provide owners with operational management and property management (PM)is.

​What is AM/PM?
Asset management (AM)Management of client asset management
property management (PM)Management of properties held by clients

CCIMWhat is the role of

Currently, real estate transactions in Japan are increasing year by year due to the rise of portal sites, etc., and when investing in real estate, all kinds of information from acquisition to holding and selling processes are becoming available, but the purchaser is still the final When making a decision, you are being asked to make a choice given only vague numbers and information. Also, in real estate transactions, although surface yields have been issued, the current situation is that accurate assessment techniques are hardly recognized. On the other hand, in the United States, property disclosure (documents that reveal property information) soil,CCIMetc(AM) (high-precision calculation methods centered on the established index and profit return method), we are able to provide accurate real estate consulting to our clients. In the future, the Japanese real estate industry will inevitably see an increase in the need for asset management as a client's partner from the information industry, so should we buy it? should i not buy? Or should I just lease it? Advanced consultants by asset managers will become indispensable. To achieve our client's goals, weIE-L.IFE CREATEButI will back up strongly.

​Illustrated role of AM and PM
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