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Owners looking for a management company

With perfect support and system,

" reliefcomfortable We provide management services that 

We will help you build real estate assets from a long-term perspective so that you can leave your real estate, which is an important asset for owners, with peace of mind. Based on our experience and achievements so far, our professional staff and brains will provide accurate guidance on various real estate problems, and we will continue to maintain a high occupancy rate for our residents for a long time.We aim for sound rental management.

 By accurately grasping the needs of tenants, which change with the times, and providing guidance based on analysis of the current situation, flexible ideas, and planning capabilities, changes in facilities and specifications can be used to create “differentiation and added value” and increase competitiveness. We will propose to become a certain property.

As a good partner of the owner,Precisely because we live in an age where "effective use" of real estate is required,Maximize your profitIE-L.IFE CREATEWe will realize it with our property management.



Take the owner out of mundane tasksrelease

Master lease method

A master lease is one form of lease contract that assumes sublease (subleasing). As shown in the diagram on the right, during the holding (selling) period after purchasing real estate, property management operations, such as leasing, building maintenance, tenant management, and accounting management, proceed simultaneously. In addition, the return on investment varies greatly depending on the performance of these operations.

As a professional rental management company, we will be able to take a proactive approach to tenants, which will lead to less risk for owners. By subleasing (subleasing), we undertake all contract and property management operations. Owners are freed from tasks such as contracts, renewals, cancellations, maintenance, and emergency response simply by receiving monthly rent payments.

IE-LIFE リンク.png

Regular management consignment method

Sublease method






更新・退出ごとに賃料相場及び資産価値を調査し、適切な調査を行います。 社内及び仲介業者との密接な取引ネットワークにより速やかに情報を共有することで効果的に募集を行い、早期に入居者を獲得します。







~ Flow up to management consignment ~

1 Inquiries (telephone/mail)

Please feel free to contact us first.


If you already own a property, please let us know, even if it's just a small matter, if you have any concerns about the property's management status, vacancy status, etc.


If new,We will also guide you through consultations on architectural produce, builders, lenders, etc.

2 Current situation analysis/proposals

There are many ways to deal with vacancies in existing properties, but no matter which proposal you adopt, you must first analyze and understand the reasons for the current vacancies. You may end up spending a lot of money. Sometimes you can do it at no cost. I will make a better proposal for the owner.


In the case of a new building, we advise you on how to reduce unnecessary costs, such as deciding on floor plans, equipment, building naming, concepts, creating plans, setting rents, etc. increase.

We will propose ideas to make the contract higher and faster.

3 Conclusion of management contract

After confirming the content of management with the owner, we will conclude a management consignment contract with the owner.

On top of that, we will guide you through the cancellation procedure with the old management company,We will notify the lessee.

Four Start managing

Our management is about to start.


If there are regular visits to the owner and if there are points that should be improved, we will make suggestions at any time.As a property management company that aims to “maximize the rate of return on assets” rather than general “rental management”,As your asset management partner, we will do our best to help you.

​TEL : 03-3734-8811


Click here for individual consultation

For individual consultation, please apply by phone or from the CONTACT FORM above.

We will contact you from the person in charge and adjust the schedule.
Please note that reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

~ Produced property ~

 This is a property that we helped with the planning.









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